Roman Romanyshyn


  • Geboren in der Ukraine


  • Lviv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts


  • Printmaking, painting, sculpture



  • Rzeszow-Przemysl, Poland, 1986
  • Etnography museum, Lviv, Ukraina, 1990
  • "Volodymyrska Gallery", Kiev, Ukraina, 1991
  • "Szuper Gallery" , Munchen, Germany, 1992
  • "Szuper Gallery" , Munchen, Germany, 1993
  • "Museum of Contemporary Art", Proscuriv, Ukraina, 1994
  • "Susekullen", Olofstrom, Sweden, 1994
  • "Ukrainian House", Kiev, Ukraina, 1994
  • ''Taller Galeria Fort'', Cadaques, Barcelona, Spain, 1995
  • ''Rigas Vini Gallery', Riga, Latvia, 1995
  • ''French Culture Centre", Kiev, Ukraina,1996
  • Etnography museum, Lviv, Ukraina, 1996
  • ''Galerie Saint Leger'', Geneva, Switzerland, oct.31-nov.15, 1996
  • ''Rigas Vini Gallery'', Riga, Latvia, dec.9-dec.18, 1996
  • CUAF (Canadian Ukrainian Art Foundation), Toronto, feb.16-mar.6, 1997
  • Gallery of Alla Rogers, Washington, USA, okt.17-nov.7, 1997
  • Gallery "Oeral", Assen, Netherland, may 9-aug.25, 1998
  • Gallery "Obriy", Khust, Ukraine, jul.17-30, 1998
  • Gallery "Triptych", Kiev, Ukraine, may 21-jun.4, 1999
  • Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Yokohama, Japan, oct.15.- nov.5, 2000
  • “Epreuve d'Artiste” Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium, may4- 20, 2001
  • “Dzyga gallery”, Lviv, Ukraine, jan19-feb17, 2002
  • BWA, Przemysl, Poland, apr. 3 – 24, 2002
  • “EM Gallery” , Kollum, Netherland, may 5 – jul5, 2002
  • Castle Museum, Stetin, Poland, jun.5 – 26, 2002
  • "Schloss-Galerie", Jever, Germany, 2002
  • Gallery "Triptych", Kiev, Ukraine, 2004
  • CUAF (Canadian Ukrainian Art Foundation), Toronto, 2004
  • INTERART Beeldentuin/Gallery, Heeswijk, Netherlands, 2004
  • Kongresnov i festivalnom centre,Varna ,Bulgaria,2004
  • Russi Karabiberov Atr Gallery,Nova Zagora, Bulgaria, 2004
  • KDK Gallery,Sliven,Bulgaria,2005
  • Nikola Petrov Art Gallery,Vidin,Bulgaria,2005
  • Art Galleri,Stara Zagora,Bulgaria,2005
  • Gallery "Triptych", Kiev, Ukraine, 2005

Internationale Ausstellungen


  • International Print Exhibition "INTERPRINT-90'', Lviv, Ukraina


  • International Biennale ''IMPREZA-91'', Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraina
  • International Print Exhibition ''MINIATURE-6'', Fredrikstad, Norway


  • 14th International Biennale of Contemporary Exlibris, Malbork, Poland
  • International Print Biennale ''INTERPRINT-92'', Lviv, Ukraina
  • 10th Norwegian International Print Triennale, Fredrikstad, Norway


  • Contemporary Ukrainian Printmaking from''Galart''Gallery collection, Germany, Tour
  • Small Graphic Forms, Lodz, Poland
  • International "Minibiennal-93'', Olofstrom, Sweden
  • 3rd Annual International Miniprint Exhibition, Napa, USA
  • 1st International Graphic Biennale, Maastricht, Holland
  • Contemporary Art from Ukraina "UKRAINA-93", Munchen, Germany
  • International Biennale ''IMPREZA-93'', Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraina
  • "Kunst uit Oekraine''Kaastel van Wissekerke te Bazel-Kruibeke, Vlaanderen
  • "Art Impression", Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraina


  • British International Miniprint Exhibition, Off-Centre Gallery, Bristol, UK
  • Exhibition ''Roxolania", Koekelare, Belgium
  • Mini Print International , Cadaques, Barcelona - "Intergrafia'94'', World Award Winners Gallery, Katovice, Poland
  • International Print Triennale, Cracow'94, Poland
  • International Triennale of Graphic Art, Bitola, Macedonia
  • International Print Exhibition ''MINIATURE-7'', Fredrikstad, Norway


  • International "Minibiennal-95'', Olofstrom, Sweden
  • Mini Print International, Cadaques, Barcelona
  • 18th International Independante Exhibition of Prints, Kanagawa, Japan
  • First Ukraine-American Graphic Symposium, Kiev-Khust, Ukraina


  • International Print Exhibition ''MINIATURE-8'', Fredrikstad, Norway
  • 9th International Miniature Print biennial, Seoul, Korea
  • International Art Fair "EUROP'ART" ,Geneve, Switzerland ("Rigas-Vini"Gallery collection)
  • Fiera D'Arte 96 Moderna e Contemporanca "MIART", Milan, Italy ("Rigas-Vini"Gallery collection)


  • ART EXPO Jecob Javids Convention Center,New York,feb.6-feb.10("Rigas-Vini"Gallery collection).
  • International Art Fair "EUROP'ART" , Geneve, Switzerland,apr.30-may.4("Rigas-Vini"Gallery collection),
  • The 3rd British internationale miniature print exhibition,tour 1997-98
  • International "Minibiennal-97'', Olofstrom, Sweden
  • International Print Triennale, Cracow'97, Poland
  • Autumn Salon “High Castle” 97, Lviv, Ukraine
  • "SOURCES OF FREEDOM"Exhibition of contemporary art accompanying the 46
  • the international eucharist congress, Berlin,Wroclaw,Lviv


  • 17th International Biennale of Modern Exlibris, Malbork, Poland
  • "Grotesk in modern art", Lviv,Ukraine
  • "Ukrainian graphic", Gallery Pavlovski, Utrecht,Netherland


  • International Miniature Print Competition and Exhibition, Connecticut Graphic Arts Center, USA
  • "Ukrainian graphic", Gallery "Epreuve d'Artiste", Antverpen, Belgium
  • 10th International exhibition small graphic forms, Lodz, Poland
  • "Ukrainian graphic", Gallery Pavlovski, Utrecht,Netherland
  • 12th Norwegian International Print Triennale, Fredrikstad, Norway


  • 4th International Painting Biennal of Carpatian Euroregion, Przemysl, Poland
  • “Ukrainian Graphic Art” Pavlovski Gallery, Utrecht, Netherland
  • International Graphic Symposium, Moravany nad Vahom, Slovakia
  • “Sacrus”, Ukrainian modern sacral art, Austria


  • Graphic art of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine
  • International Exlibris, Bratislava, Slovakia


  • First biennale of graphic. Saint- Petersburg. Russia
  • Festival “Culture heroes”, Lviv, Ukraine


  • International painting symposium, Zelwa, Poland
  • Eurografik 2003, Kiev, Ukraina


  • International painting symposium, Zelwa, Poland
  • Polsky dom Plastykow, “ZELWA” Warsaw, Poland
  • 4 Exlibris-Triennale, Bratislava, Slovakia


  • International painting symposium, Zelwa, Poland


  • 3rd Annual International Miniprint Exhibition, Napa,USA
  • special merit and purchase award
  • 14th Mini Print International , Cadaques, Barcelona-award for winning work
  • 9th International Miniature Print Exhibition, Seoul, Korea - prize award
  • Autumn Salon “High Castle” 97, Lviv, Ukraine, first award for graphic art
  • International Art Exhibition “Carpatian Range” First award diploma
  • 4th International Painting Biennal of Carpatian Euroregion, Przemysl, Poland, prize of Tarnow city mayor
  • First biennale of graphic. Saint- Petersburg. Award for small form (common work with O. Denisenko and K. Kalinovich)

Öffentliche Sammlungen

  • Ukrainian Art Muzeum, Kiev
  • Ukrainian Art Muzeum, Lviv
  • Ukrainian Independent Center of Contemporary Art, Lviv
  • Ukrainian Art Muzeum, Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Ukrainian Modern Art Muzeum, Proskuriv
  • Muzeum of Kaniv reservation, Ukraina
  • Tretjakov's Picture Gellery, Moscow, Russia
  • Muzeum of International Contemporary Graphic Art, Fredrikstad, Norway
  • Juniper Gallery, Napa, USA
  • Off Centre Gallery, GB
  • Malbork, Castle Muzeum, Poland
  • Olofstrom Public Library, Sweden
  • Gallery''Rigas-Vini", Latvia
  • "Fonds cantonal de decoration",Geneve,Switzerland
  • Museum of the Modern Ukrainian fine Arts, Kiev

Roman Romanshyn

"I always loved to listen to and feel materials that were primitive and simple: stone, wood, bronze, the heavy spirit in the beauty of old painting, the ancient gessoed icons, the archaism of archaic ceramics. There is so much hidden in the material itself that it’s simply enough to listen attentively to its melody. When a potter is spinning a pot on a potter’s wheel, then, according to the theory of relativity, and from the viewpoint of the pot itself, the whole world, including the potter, is spinning around it. The creative process is always built on mutual understanding and mutual respect between the artist and the material with which he is working.
Art is a territory, where one can rediscover things that have already been discovered as a consequence to one’s “differentness” . In search of new aesthetic forms, like no one else, one senses how similar the evolution of culture is to a spiral. Art of the twentieth century and art of Trypilian culture have much more in common than it seems at first glance."

Meer und Wellen 2
Meer und Wellen 2
Öl auf Leinwand
180 x 100cm
Öl auf Leinwand
100 x 200 cm
Nacht in Crimea
Nacht in Crimea
Holz, Gesso & Öl
185 x 48 cm